It's Complicated

She had it all, a boyfriend, money, and the best designer things. She still feels like there is a piece missing to the puzzle. He had everything Hos, money, cars, and Respect. But yet he still felt lonely, and unwanted. When they reunite, their lives changed drastically. Is it for the better or the worse? Will their lives end happily ever after or will their lives come crashing down?

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 “Why the fuck did she do that?” I yelled tears streaming down my face.

 “Soriya, chill I can handle this.”

 “Chris you can’t handle shit! That girl is going in for life! Have you ever seen her criminal record?” I looked him dead in his eyes. He dropped his head and sigh.

 “No.” He whispered.

 “Well, I have and I guarantee that she is gone for good. So we shouldn’t even try.” He looked up at me and furrowed his eyebrows.

 “How could you say that? That’s your sister Yaya; she did this shit for you. So why wouldn’t you try?”

 I’m tired of trying to be truthful; all the shit that has happened in my life is slowly killing me. I’m surprise I haven’t fell over and died yet. 

 “I’m tired Chris, I’m tired.” I spoke lowly. “I’m tired of the bullshit, I’m tired of the drama, I’m tired of the females, I’m tired of the heartbreaks, I’m tired of thinking, and I’m just tired of being here Christopher I can’t take it anymore. I’m ready to die.”

 A couple knocks came at the door and in came my doctor. I looked over at Chris and I  saw a tear roll down his cheek. I could tell he was tired too.

 “I think its time I tell her….” I looked up at him with Confusion written on my face.

 “What are you talking about?” I looked over at Chris and his eyes got wide. As if he already knew what he was gonna to say.

 “Ummmm…” The doctor started to fidget with his fingers.

 “You were pregnant Ms. Stevenson, but umm….” Before he could even finish I took off the wires from my body and ran out of the hospital without looking back.

 I knew what that bitch was about to say, and I couldn’t stay to hear it.

 Fuck the world and the people in it. It’s my time to go. 



 “Babe, where are you?” I walked into complete darkness, and I’m pretty sure Alandra is in here because her car is out front.

“Jalen you here?” I walked up the stairs and stopped at his room, but he wasn’t in there. I closed his door and made my way down the hall to Alandra and I’s room. The door was half way closed and I could smell our cinnamon candle burning. I pushed the door open and saw Alisha in her arms with her thumb in her mouth. I glanced at Alandra’s face but it was blank, she was staring at the wall. She hadn’t even acknowledged that I came in the room.

 “Alandra…” I spoke softly walking to the bed.

 “This shit is ridiculous.” She whispered while closing her eyes.

 “What’s wrong?” I sat on the bed next to her kicking off my shoes.

 “Did you hear about what happened to Rita?” She asked, rocking Alisha in her arms.

 “No, what happened?”

 “She’s going to Jail Ty.” She opened her eyes and looked at me. Her eyes were watery and her bottom lip started to  trembled.

 I stared at the wall in front of us and clenched my jaw.

I wrapped my arm around Alandra and continued to stare at the wall. I saw my whole life replay on that wall.

Alandra was right this shit is ridiculous. The shit that has been happening is really starting to make my blood pressure go up.

 Our world is taking a  big spiral turn, and I don’t think anyone can stop it…….


 I was at this bar, I don’t even know the name of it. I can’t even think right now. I just want to drink until I can’t feel my body anymore. I wanna be paralyzed for the night.

I dropped my head on the island and rubbed my neck.

“Umm, we’re closing pretty soon.” The voice I just heard was angelic; I picked up my head and saw one bad ass female.

I nodded my head, while I stared at her. She looked around the bar and then looked back at me.

 “Are you okay?” She threw the rag that was in her hand in the sink behind her.

 “Yeah I’m cool, what’s your name?” I blinked a couple of times, trying to see her more clear. But that was impossible, I was very tipsy.

 “Shakira.” After blinking a few times, my vision got a little clearer and the smile that was on her face made my heart beat 100 miles per hour.

 “Marcus.” I smiled slightly. She started to blush and I licked my lips.

 “You should let me take you out sometime.” I grabbed her hand and stroked it with my thumb.

 “Yeah, Whenever you’re sober.” I chuckled lightly and looked up at her.

 “That’s okay with me beautiful, as long as I get to see that pretty smile again.” I winked and then smiled. I gave her my phone and she gave me hers. We exchanged each other’s numbers….

 And the rest is history.



I was gonna stop at the hospital before I came home, but I didn’t have the guts too. I didn’t want to see my best friend in that hospital bed any longer.

 I walked in the house and threw my keys on the coffee table. I sat on the couch and took my phone out of my purse. I scrolled down to Hope’s number and pushed the green button. After 2 rings she picked up.

 “Hey..” I said below a whisper.

 “What’s wrong Kya?” She asked quickly.

 “Riya is still in the hospital and her sister Rita is going to jail.” I dropped my forehead in my hands and  shut my eyes tightly.

 “Why she go to Jail?”

 “Murder, I guess.” I bit my bottom lip.

 “Damn, Shit is getting crazy.” I nodded as if she could see me.

 “Yeah, and I don’t know where to go from here.”

 “Sometimes we can’t control our lives, We just have to sit back and let life take its course.”

 I picked up my head and looked up at the ceiling.

 “Why do things have to be so complicated though Hope.” I massaged my scalp. She giggled.

 “I can’t answer that, but I think you should just sit back and take a breathier. Things are gonna get better, I promise. But, I gotta go. Bye sis.”

 “Bye…” I pushed the end button and pulled my bottom lip lightly.

 Things are gonna get better.

 Psssh… Our lives never get better. 

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I might finish it. 

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Haahaa! I guess you could say the next chapter they’re cool or whatever. Well that’s what Chris thinks. 

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